Helping our patients improve and maintain optimal health through prevention and natural healing is the goal of our practice. We use principles of Classical Chinese Medicine integrated with modern scientific analysis and technology to work with the body’s innate healing ability. Using an eclectic variety of approaches including acupuncture, diet, exercises, and other therapeutic methods, we map out a holistic path to treat common ailments and complex conditions based on each individual’s needs.


Our treatments focus on addressing the roots of one's health issues. We help our patients to improve their health and reduce their dependence on medication in a natural way. All treatments are tailored to our patients’ needs and budgets.

Prevention • Acupuncture • Nutrition • Natural Healing
Li Ma, Dipl. O. M.
MS in Acupuncture

Diplomate of Oriental Medicine

Li Ma, acupuncturist, NYC
Lindsey Garant
Reiki Practitioner

Energy Healing

Li Ma, acupuncturist, NYC
Grace Jao, L. Ac.

MS in Acupuncture

Certificates in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Essential Oils

Grace Jao, acupuncturist, NYC
XuHui Tang
Licensed Massage Therapist

Pain Management Specialist

Li Ma, acupuncturist, NYC
Currently we accept CIGNA, Empire BCBS, Anthem BCBS, Emblem Health, Humana, Health First, ASH, MultiPlan, Oscar, Elder Plan, and Age Well in-network patients. Please call or email us to find out if you are covered by your insurance.
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  • Women Health  

    • Infertility

    • PMS/Menstruation

    • Pregnancy and post partum care


  • Facial/skin treatment

    • Facial rejuvenation

    • Acne

    • Eczema

    • Psoriasis


  • Emotional wellbeing

    • Anxiety

    • Stress

    • Depression

    • Addiction


  • Chronic diseases

    • High blood pressure

    • High cholesterol

    • Diabetes

    • Heart diseases


  • Pain management

    • Headache/Migraine

    • Back pain

    • Neck and Shoulder Pain

    • Muscle Aches, Sprains and Strain

  • Digestive issue

    • IBS

    • Bloating/Indigestion

    • Eating Disorder


  • Weight Management

    • Weight loss

    • Weight gain

    • Diet and nutrition


  • Autoimmune issues

    • Rheumatoid arthritis

    • Systemic lupus

    • Multiple sclerosis

    • Hashimoto's thyroiditis

  • Other

    • Addiction

    • Allergies/Seasonal Allergy

    • ENT issues

    • Insomnia/Sleep issues

    • Asthma