ASK US HOW acupuncture can help with Seasonal Allergy

Condition: Seasonal allergy/Hay fever/Allergic rhinitis

Seasonal allergy or Hay Fever is a reaction caused by inhaling airborne particles, such as pollen. These are called allergens. Allergens can be in many different forms from pollen, pet dander, dust particles, to mold spores.

When our immune system mistakenly sees these allergens as threats, it will release antibodies to attack the allergens. This process causes our body to release histamine into our system. Histamine triggers runny nose, sneezing, congestion, and coughs that are similar to cold and flu with annoying itchiness in eyes, nose, and throat.

How can New Concept Wellness help?

  • At New Concept Wellness, we use both acupuncture and Nutritional Immunology (NI) supplements to correct your immune system back into balance.

  • First, we identify the main cause (and underlying causes) that triggering the signs and symptoms.

  • We then use acupuncture to holistically bring your overacting immune system back to harmony.

  • We also recommend nutritional immunology supplements to help speed up the process of re-adjusting the immune system internally.

  • Once our body's immune system is back to it's balanced state, the allergy symptoms will be reduced and eventually removed.

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