ASK US HOW acupuncture can help with PMS

Condition: PMS

PMS is a common ailment for the female population. As many as 3 out of 4 women have experienced some form of PMS. Lots of people just use over the counter medication to provide temporarily relief. Sometimes the symptoms are so severe, it can be demobilizing.


  • Emotional symptoms: mood swings, depression, anxiety, irritability, poor concentration, appetite changes, food craving

  • Physical symptoms: headache, fatigue, joint or muscle pain, bloating, acne flare-ups, cramping

How can New Concept Wellness help?

  • Identify the causes of PMS – PMS usually is caused by blockage from deficient or excess of Qi (energy) and blood.

  • Use acupuncture to remove blockage and balance the meridians that benefit reproductive system.

  • Help to reduce and remove PMS signs and symptoms so the patient can enjoy normal life during menstruation.


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